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Shadowing, Thompson Station, TN When we consider landscape lighting, we frequently consider light. After all, it is clearly stated in the phrase. However, there are other techniques to achieve spectacular results. Certain facets of exterior lighting are, by definition, are all about how illumination is used to highlight and showcase plants and hardscapes in a landscape.

All of these are critical applications of light. However, another critical and sometimes misunderstood role of light is to cast shadows. Utilizing shadows is a vital component of outdoor lighting. There is no shadow in the absence of light, but you won't have anything but plain light.

What Is Shadow Lighting?

When spotlights are concealed behind plants or a garden component and directed toward a nearby wall to make a background, the viewer is only exposed to the object's outline shape. The source of light should be positioned exactly behind the silhouetted item. Architectural components, trees, and other backlit things stand out against fences, walls, or other surfaces, creating a dramatic impression when plants with unusually shaped branches or leaves are silhouetted.

Shadow is light's lost half-brother. There will be shadows unless you wish to illuminate your whole property with massive spotlights or install stadium-style lighting. They are unavoidable, but you might not want this to happen. Since shadows are an inherent part of the design, the secret is to integrate them into your work. We at Tennessee Lightscapes have worked on many such projects and know how to use light and shadow for the best impact.

The Casting Shadow Technique

Another way that shadowing can be used for a more dramatic effect is to cast shadows on backgrounds deliberately, and a large wall or the side of your house is perfect. Shadowing is widely used with sculptures and trees with interesting profiles. Bright lights such as small spotlights/bullet lights are pointed directly at features to be shadowed to the side opposite from the background. This technique creates a crisper shadow on the backdrop. The profile of the feature determines the shadow shape and effect.

We use this beautiful technique with trees in landscapes because the swaying branches and shifting leaves add the illusion of motion to their shadows. Our skilled team uses creative lighting techniques to bring various natural shadows back.

When using shadow lighting techniques, we make sure that the background wall comes from in front of the features. This is because lighting behind structures washes out or eliminates the shadow. Our team is knowledgeable and skilled, and they will make sure that your landscape lighting is perfect in every way. We use LED lights and fixtures in our work so that your landscape looks stunning even after dark.

If you are looking for top-quality shadow lighting solutions for your residential or commercial landscape, please call Tennessee Lightscapes at 615-207-4350. If you prefer to send us an email with your requests or queries, write to us via this Online Form, and we will respond soon.
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