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Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance, Thompson Station, TN As with any other home installations, your landscape lighting systems will need routine maintenance to guarantee that they continue to perform effectively and efficiently for many years to come. Tennessee Lightscapes offers the industry's most complete Preventive lighting Maintenance Program.

Our strategy entails more than just prolonging the manufacturer's guarantee against faults in materials and workmanship. It is a stress-free maintenance service that we provide to guarantee your outdoor lighting system is constantly operational and keeps your property looking its best

Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance safeguards your lighting investments and helps you avoid unexpected repair costs. A good lighting system is a contingent upon its long-term operation. This demands regular maintenance and care, as well as the system's capacity to adapt to the changes in your landscape and outdoor surroundings. As vegetation grows and the design and arrangement of the space alter, lighting modifications are required to ensure optimal illumination.

The Benefits of Our Preventive Maintenance

This detailed service plan is a contract that picks up the routine servicing and maintenance required to keep outdoor spaces well lighted and the illumination perfect. It's convenient, and our team will schedule and perform a comprehensive inspection of the outdoor lighting systems and fixtures at set intervals. This ensures that your system is always in proper working order, so you’re never left in the dark.


  • Perform a comprehensive check of your landscape lighting system and its integration
  • Replace any non-functioning lamps that are under warranty
  • Inspect, clean fixtures and shrouds
  • Clean lenses inside and outside
  • Realign fixtures when needed. If necessary, adjust the placement of fixtures (within the length of lead) due to growth of the plants
  • Trim plant or tree growth disrupting intended beam spread (maximum pruning height of 8 feet from the ground on trees)
  • Ensure all fixtures are buried to the correct depth
  • Check fixtures for water ingress and damage
  • Check fixture mounts for tightness, inspect for cracks
  • Straighten path lights
  • Bury exposed wire (for large areas of exposed wire a labor charge may be added)
  • Reset timers and/or verify existing programming settings
  • Clean inside of Transformer (treat with insecticide if necessary)
  • Check Voltage output
  • Inspect photocells (if applicable)

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Schedule

Preventive maintenance delivers for the long-term reliability of your lighting system by our comprehensive inspection and maintenance. We recommend that your system gets annual preventative maintenance for smaller systems and semi-annually on more extensive ones to ensure optimal illumination.

We offer preventative maintenance plans at various intervals and will custom design one for you, depending on the types of lighting fixtures in your landscape. Regardless of your original landscape lighting installer, or product brands, we can help with your outdoor lighting systems to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Preventive Maintenance Costs

The cost of servicing is determined by various criteria, including the count of fixtures, the size of your property, and the condition of the landscaping. The estimated costs cover labor and travel time for maintenance, repair components and replacement bulbs.

If you are looking for superior landscape lighting maintenance services for your commercial or residential property, please call Tennessee Lightscapes at 615-207-4350. If you prefer to send us an email with your requests or queries, write to us via this Online Form, and we will respond soon.
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