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Grazing, Thompson Station, TN Each property and its landscape have unique features, finishes, and textures. One of the best ways to enhance the beauty of such areas and highlight specific aspects of your property is to hire a professional outdoor lighting company like us at Tennessee Lightscapes.

What Is Grazing?

This outdoor lighting technique is used explicitly for accentuating irregular surfaces or unique texture on a house’s façade, stone columns, walls, bark on trees, as well as veneers. This technique creates a gradient of light and does a great job of highlighting these distinct textures. This, in turn, adds to its complexity, adding to the depth of the feature without any renovation.

This technique is also idea on materials like wood or natural stone. These materials have unique details and finishes, and this technique will enhance their appearance considerably. Even the standard concrete walls can benefit significantly from grazing, highlighting its rough surface.

Professional Grazing Services

When it’s installed correctly, grazing does an excellent job of displaying the material's texture. However, if amateurs carry out these jobs, the surface material washes out, changing the focus towards the lighting. Many landscaping operators make this significant error. Natural stones are the primary materials used for constructing houses and buildings.

We adore this fact because it creates fantastic textures and vibrant hues that demand to be illuminated and showcased in new ways. During the day, the stone's color is apparent, but at night, when professionally arranged landscape lighting and the wall grazing technique are used, the attention shifts to the incredible rough, natural surface.

The hue of the stone or other material dictates the amount of light or lumen output required for the projects and lighting purposes. Too little light on a dark wall produces no effect, but too much light on a highly reflective surface results in glare and visual discomfort.

Important Aspects of Grazing Lighting Technique

We consider these crucial aspects while employing the grazing lighting technique:

  • Depending on the color of the surface, you may be able to determine the light temperature. Warm light will highlight earthy tones such as red or brown, while a whiter light will highlight cool blues and whites. We explain lighting fixtures' correct type and location for a perfect grazing effect.
  • The designers will recommend wall lights or directional lighting, as well as situating your outdoor lighting fixtures at a steep angle directly beneath or to the side of your surface. This enhances the texture of stone, stucco, brick walls, and tree trunks by casting fractured shadows and producing intriguing patterns on the irregular surface.
  • Additionally, the material being illuminated determines placement.
  • We position lighting fixtures in such a way that they minimize the possibility of hot spots while evenly distributing light from top to bottom.

If you are looking for top-quality grazing solutions for your residential or commercial landscape in and around the Nashville, TN area, please call the Tennessee Lightscapes at 615-207-4350. If you prefer to send us an email with your requests or queries, write to us via this Online Form, and we will respond soon.
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