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Outdoor Lighting in Franklin, TN

Outdoor Lighting, Franklin, TN Each home and its outdoor areas have unique characteristics, finishes, and surfaces. Employing an experienced outdoor lighting business like ours at Tennessee Lightscapes is one of the easiest methods to improve these areas' aesthetics and emphasize certain features of your home. We provide the highest quality outdoor lighting services to Franklin, Tennessee, and surrounding areas. Our team uses different lighting methods to produce distinctive effects in the exteriors of our client's properties. Here are examples of some of them.


This outdoor lighting approach is explicitly used to highlight uneven surfaces or distinctive textures on a home's facade, tree bark, stone columns, walls, and veneers. This approach provides a bright gradient and does an excellent job of emphasizing these various textures. in turn, this increases its depth, enhancing the surface texture's appearance without restoration or remodels

This approach is equally suitable for wood and natural stone, significantly improving the look of these materials' distinctive finishes and characteristics. Even conventional concrete walls can benefit considerably from grazing, highlighting the surface's ruggedness.

Inground Lighting

Inground Lights or well lights are circular lamps usually embedded directly in the ground; they are used to illuminate pathways and walkways. In-ground lighting fixtures boost your yard's features, beauty, and elegance greatly. They add to the atmosphere and drama by lighting the whole tree or structure using the uplighting effect. In addition to lighting your yard or garden, they serve as security lights that prevent trespassers and intruders.

They are most effective when coupled with spotlights. However, uplighting can be a practical lighting solution on its own. The actual light effect is evident easily because inground lights are hidden in the ground. Using in-ground lighting, you will notice a distinct difference in how your flowerbeds, retaining walls, and other features appear.

You can also use in-ground lighting to illuminate driveways, providing safer access through parking lots and gates. You need to choose lights with suitable weight ratings to support the weight of the cars that travel over them. In addition, choose LEDs because they have clear color temperatures, look amazing after dark, and provide between 30,000 and 50,000 hours of illumination.


When considering landscape illumination, people mention light because it is part of the term. However, there are additional methods to achieve astonishing results. Certain aspects of external lighting are, by definition, concerned with the use of illumination to emphasize and display vegetation and hard surfaces in a landscape.

These are all critical uses of light. Nonetheless, another essential and sometimes misunderstood function of light is to produce shadows. Outdoor lighting requires the use of shadows. There are no shadows when there is no light, but you won't have anything but pure brightness if you do not plan the outdoor lighting well. We know from experience that it is possible to achieve a dramatic effect by casting shadows on backdrops like wide exterior walls.

Sculptures and trees, and decorative elements with remarkable characteristics are often cast in shadow. But it is possible to bring them to the forefront using tiny spotlights or bulbs when we aim these at the features or installations to be in the shadow. Shadowing produces a more defined shadow on the background, and the feature's profile influences its form and impact on your immediate surroundings.

If you are looking for high grade outdoor lighting installations for your commercial or residential property in and around Franklin, TN, please call Tennessee Lightscapes at this number- 615-207-4350. If you prefer to send us an email with your queries or requests, write to us via this Online Form. We will call you back soon to discuss your project requirements.
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