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Lighting Services

Lighting Services, Thompson Station, TN Tennessee Lightscapes creates cutting-edge landscape lighting systems ranging from exquisite and spectacular to subtle and understated. Landscape lighting is very subjective, and what worked for one person may not work for another. Our designers spend substantial time during our complete first consultation getting to know your likes and getting a sense of what you're searching for. We go around your property with you, listening to what you want, whether it's exact lighting needs or just hearing about the characteristics of your home that you value. This process helps us combine them into a unique landscape lighting plan you'll adore. We offer a complete range of superior landscape lighting services to clients in Thompsons Station, TN, to meet all your needs. Our expertise lies in creating stunning outdoor lighting effects on our clients’ properties while maintaining competitive pricing, so you get value for money. These are the different services we offer:

Lighting Design

Whether you're embarking on a new project or enhancing an existing outdoor area, exterior lighting design is a vital component of project success. Opting for the services of a reputable lighting specialist such as us is a smart and essential investment. Whether your goal is energy conservation, mood-setting, assuring a space's operation, or developing a control system, we can help. Our professionals and designers are skilled in generating the required aesthetic via color, texture, form, and shadow. This is only feasible with the proper equipment and a full grasp of lighting designs, bulb kinds, and performance characteristics. We guarantee that each lamp, sconce, outdoor lighting feature, underwater lighting, and patio and deck lights flawlessly complements your yard or landscape, serving its intended function, even in difficult-to-illuminate areas. We'll mix our distinct approach to outdoor lighting design with your vision to produce an aesthetically pleasing appearance for your space. Read More About Lighting Design »

Lighting Installation

We take pleasure in our ability to produce visually attractive lighting designs. When the time arrives to put this concept into practice, we carefully install your lighting system using cutting-edge installation techniques. We install various types of outdoor lighting and fixtures, ranging from garden and deck lighting to underwater and hardscape lighting. Our expertise enables us to create visually appealing designs that add to your property's protection. Our skills will guarantee that your fixtures are installed correctly and professionally. Contact us now, and we'll get started on creating the lighting that you desire for your home or business. Our installation process is quick and minimally disruptive to your day, allowing you to continue with your routine. We provide a variety of outdoor lighting choices that can help illuminate your home's inherent beauty and elegance. Whatever your visionary objectives are, we will help you bring them to life. Read More About Lighting Installation »

Lighting Maintenance

As with any other home project, periodic maintenance is required to ensure that your landscape lighting systems continue to operate efficiently and effectively for many decades to come. We deliver the most comprehensive preventive lighting maintenance program in the business. Our plan encompasses more than simply extending the manufacturer's warranty against material and workmanship defects. It's a no-hassle maintenance service that ensures your outdoor lighting installations are always working and that your home looks its best. This comprehensive service plan covers the regular servicing and maintenance necessary to maintain all the illumination features in your outdoor areas perfectly. It's convenient, and our staff will arrange and conduct a thorough examination of outdoor light sources and fixtures at predetermined intervals. This guarantees that your system is constantly operational, ensuring that you don’t have to face the inconvenience of being without lights in your outdoor spaces. We use high-quality spares and the latest techniques, so your landscape lighting systems stay in good condition. Read More About Lighting Maintenance »


This outdoor lighting approach is specifically designed to highlight uneven surfaces or distinctive texture on the façade of a house, stone columns, brickwork, tree bark, and veneers. The technique generates a light gradient and does an excellent job of emphasizing these unique textures. It increases the intricacy of the feature without requiring any remodeling. This approach is also applicable to natural materials such as wood or stone, including distinctive features and finishes, and the process significantly enhances their look. Even ordinary concrete walls benefit substantially from grazing, emphasizing their rough surface. We excel at grazing, and our designers will advise you to use wall lights or directed lighting and angle your outdoor lighting fixtures immediately underneath or to the sides of your surfaces. Throwing broken shadows and creating unique patterns on the uneven surface, accentuates the surfaces of sandstone, stucco, walls, and tree trunks. We use this technique to create the best lighting effects on our clients’ properties. Read More About Grazing »

Inground Lighting

Inground lighting is a simple method to illuminate your landscape's entrances, pathways, walkways, and other sections. Inground lights, or well lights, are circular installations that are usually planted directly within the surface to illuminate sidewalks and roadways. Inground lights dramatically increase the intricacy and visibility of the items in your yard. They add drama and ambiance to the scene by lighting the whole tree or structure with a unique uplight effect. They also serve as security lights, lighting up your property or garden, and deter trespassers and miscreants. They operate best in conjunction with spotlights, while uplighting may be a robust lighting solution on its own. Since inground lights are embedded in the ground, you can see their true effect very well in the surrounding areas. Inground lights are rather practical, and they may even be installed in places with a groundcover, such as pebbles. We provide superior inground lighting solutions for maximum effect. Read More About Inground Lighting »


If you want to build a truly unique outdoor lighting system, you must incorporate shadows into the lighting design, which is what we do. When spotlights are covered behind bushes or a landscape component and aimed toward an adjacent wall to create a background, the spectator sees just the outline shape of the object. The light source should be placed directly behind the silhouetted object. When architectural elements, trees, and other backlit objects are juxtaposed against fences, walls, or other surfaces, they provide a dramatic effect, especially when plants with uniquely shaped branching or leaves are silhouetted. We use this fantastic approach with trees because their swinging branches and moving leaves give their shadows the appearance of motion. Our professional staff employs innovative lighting techniques to recreate a variety of natural shadows. Our work incorporates LED lighting and fixtures to ensure that your environment remains gorgeous long after dark. Read More About Shadowing »

Silhouette Lighting

Silhouettes are the outlines of shapes that are often filled with black. Silhouetting is a lighting method that includes shining an uplight on a wall behind an item, creating a shadow and contrast with the lit wall. It is not a popular approach, as all pieces must be in place, but it is magnificent when applied correctly. This lighting approach is really advantageous. It enables the lighting designer to brighten a structure or wall while also drawing attention to the unlit object in front of it. Each landscape will have a certain number of concrete and living elements, and we employ the silhouetting technique to emphasize a range of features. Silhouette lighting is a highly specialized type of lighting that is not employed in every lighting installation. Our professionals collaborate with you to ascertain your goals before developing appropriate lighting plans that meet your needs. Read More About Silhouette Lighting »

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape Lighting is the technique of illuminating different brick structures throughout your landscape, such as retaining structures, pool decks, patios, driveways, and walks. We provide the finest hardscape lighting services for business and residential clients in the region. We are methodical in our approach and guarantee that every time a customer hires us, they receive exceptional value. Natural finishes and textures on concrete blocks, boundary walls, and landscape wall lighting enhance these elements. Each element is designed to integrate with the current segmental wall systems effortlessly. The structural design of the wall surfaces can assist in supporting the stresses and weight of the walls and does not cause harm to any lighting fixtures within them. The right hardscaping lights can cast a pleasant glow throughout any outdoor space, including paths, walkways, and sidewalks. We employ high-quality materials and cutting-edge installation techniques to create magnificent outdoor areas in your home. Read More About Hardscape Lighting »

Deck & Patio Lighting

If you want to modify the appearance of your property's exterior spaces, you should contact our company. We provide clients with highly customized outdoor lighting solutions. We are highly capable of completing projects of any size due to our years of industry expertise. Apart from raising the value of your home, our exceptional lighting solutions are beautiful features for enhancing your home's safety and security. When you employ our lighting professionals, they will build a tailored package for your whole property. You can relax knowing that every part of the project will be handled efficiently, delivering features that highlight your property's best qualities. Landscape lighting enhances the functionality and beauty of outdoor spaces by illuminating areas such as patios and decks and the surroundings after dark. Read More About Deck & Patio Lighting »

Moon Lighting

We employ this one-of-a-kind approach in a variety of our outdoor lighting projects, as well as in a range of other applications, to create breathtaking effects on our customers' properties. Moonlight filtering through branches is an aesthetically pleasing and functional method of outdoor illumination. The result is a diffused, calm, natural look reminiscent of actual moonlight. This effect is created by combining both uplighting and downlighting. The lights are integrated into the limbs of the trees, illuminating both the floor and the trees. Ground illumination enhances security, with leaf and bough shadows adding to the effect. Plants that thrive under moonlight include those with semi-transparent leaves. Moonlighting has several advantages when it comes to landscape design. Because we are accustomed to light from above, moonlighting has a more natural aspect and feel. Seeing shadows dance beneath our feet even as trees move in the wind creates an illusion of calm that would be hard to reproduce in any other manner. Read More About Moon Lighting »

Underwater Lighting

Our team employs underwater lighting techniques to create intriguing and engaging ambient lighting in ponds, waterfalls, and similar features by utilizing sophisticated underwater lighting systems. This strategy is particularly effective when combined with water features like cascades and waterfalls. For best results, the waters must be clear and clean. We utilize various lighting equipment to illuminate the subsurface environment, ranging from subsurface spotlights to soft, bright area illumination. Underwater lights are helpful for illuminating objects that may go unseen otherwise. Our professionals emphasize aesthetics while also considering function, safety, and cost-effectiveness. If you're looking for superior underwater lighting options for your home or business landscaping, look no further. Underwater lighting fixtures are specifically designed to keep out moisture and water. The waterproof quality is essential in these fixtures compared to other components used in landscape light sources. For maximum effect, we employ the highest-quality light fittings in our projects. Read More About Underwater Lighting »

We offer uncompromising quality, ensuring that your outdoor spaces look great and that the lighting systems are robust and long-lasting. We are highly focused on providing customized services and work closely with you to meet your expectations and requirements. Our expertise spans the design and installation of all types of residential and commercial lighting systems. We work with the best materials and products in the market, ensuring quick and efficient working while keeping safety in view. Whether you want lighting design and installation for a new outdoor space or an existing one, we are the company to call. When looking for superior landscape lighting solutions for your residential or commercial landscape, please contact Tennessee Lightscapes at 615-207-4350. If you prefer to send us an email with your requests or queries, write to us via this Online Form, and we will respond soon.
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