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Moon Lighting

Moon Lighting, Thompson Station, TN Natural lighting is achieved by suspending a light source far above the garden in trees and diffusing it downwards through the branches and leaves, creating exquisite shadow shapes on the land below. Moonlight should generate a soft, steady ambient light. The light fixtures must be mounted high in the trees and positioned for maximum impact.

At Tennessee Lightscapes we use this unique technique in many of our landscape lighting projects and many others to create stunning effects in our clients’ properties. Moonlight streaming through branches is both appealing and effective kind of outdoor illumination.

A diffused, gentle, natural appearance like real moonlight is achieved. This effect is achieved using both up and downlighting. The lights are incorporated into the tree's limbs, lighting the ground and the trees. Ground illumination improves security, being enhanced by leaf and branch shadows. Moonlight-friendly plants include ones with semi-transparent leaves.

Benefits of Moonlighting in Landscapes

There are several advantages to incorporating moonlighting into your landscape design. Because we are used to illumination from above, the appearance and feel of moonlighting have a more natural look. Seeing silhouettes dance at our feet as the branches sway in the wind produces a show of calming motion that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. We've discovered that gardens under towering trees spring to life when they're filled with white flowers.

Consider rhododendrons, blooming azaleas, and various flowering shrubs for added drama. A moonlit white garden will undoubtedly leave you awestruck! We can use moonlighting to accentuate smaller plants, sculptures, decorative elements, and outdoor living areas, allowing you to create your work of art under those great trees.

Why Do You Need LEDs for Moonlighting Work

Moonlighting is an essential component of a well-planned low-voltage LED outdoor lighting system. LED lighting has now surpassed halogen lighting as the cutting-edge technology. LEDs are something you hear about and see in the aisles of all modern home improvement stores. Because the options might be daunting, here's why LED is vital for moonlighting:

  • Much lower wattage results in significant energy savings
  • The service life of LEDs can be four times or more than that of halogen, resulting in fewer failed bulbs and reduced maintenance costs. This aspect is significant when the fixtures are 15 feet- 25 feet above the ground.
  • Because they are smaller, they can be nestled into inconspicuous areas among the tree branches.
  • LEDs are available in various white light tones (known as color temperature), enabling us to adapt the illumination to your preferences.

Customized Moonlighting Services

Moonlight shouldn't be the only kind of illumination on your property after dark, but it is essential for bringing out the best in your landscape design. If you want the impact of moonlighting, our team is here to help with customized solutions tailored to your preferences and needs.

If you are looking for top-quality moonlighting solutions for your residential or commercial landscape in and around the Nashville, TN area, please call Tennessee Lightscapes at 615-207-4350. If you prefer to send us an email with your requests or queries, write to us via this Online Form, and we will respond soon.
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